AEF Releases New Study

On April 10, AEF held a press conference at the Capitol to release it latest study. The study underscores the increasing need to address funding disparity. Previous factors that
protected certain district types against declining student outcomes due to poverty and truancy have disappeared. Specifically, the effects of poverty and truancy have become too strong to be overcome by the previous resiliency of rural and suburban districts.

The study also indicates that increased funding disparity has a greater negative effect within low poverty districts, such that state report card scores of low poverty districts with high funding disparity no longer differ from state report card scores of their counterpart median and high poverty districts with high funding disparity. These factors all point to a greater urgency to address the root causes of disparity, as well as the disparities we now know to be caused by inadequate funding of our Wisconsin public

AEF’s latest study

Learn more about your school district’s funding disparities.

AEF Press Conference Presentation




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