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AEF has worked for over 30 years to advocate for students, no matter their zip code, to have the resources needed for success. Our annual dues are listed below, but we are offering a special rate to encourage former members of AEF and others to help us keeping the conversation going related to school funding.   If you join our organization, your district’s annual dues will be cover this year and the 2019-20 school year.  We are asking for your help.  You can join by contacting Janelle Marotz at

You can also contact Pete Ross at or Tony Klaubauf at for any additional information or questions.  We would love to have a conversation about your district and the needs of your students.

Membership dues structure is based on the number of students (FTE) in your District as follows.

Number of Students Dues
0-250 $100.00
251-500 $200.00
501-750 $300.00
751-1000 $400.00
1001-1500 $500.00
1501-2000 $700.00
2001-3000 $1,000.00
3001-5000 $1,500.00
5001-10000 $2,500.00
10001-and Up $5,000.00