AEF Conference Information and Registration


AEF Member districts know it all too well: our funding system isn’t fair or adequate to meet the needs of our students. It takes strong leadership for districts like ours to survive and thrive when funding isn’t fair. AEF is here to help you connect the dots between the budget you have and one that’s better for your students. You are invited to this 1-day conference, just in time for your next budget. Learn more about creating the budget you want! Sponsored by AEF’s fiscal partner, RW Baird School Business Solutions, this conference will cover (subject to change and will be expanded):

Maximizing revenues
Title I/IDEA Setaside
Energy efficiencies (even without exemptions)
Medicaid claiming
Time allotted for sharing by AEF Members–your good ideas!

Minimizing expenses
Health Insurance: Coops, Clinics, Self-Funding, and more
Purchasing options: CESAs, Buses and route sharing
Reducing special education identification rates
Navigating use of ESSER funds
Time allotted for sharing by AEF Members–more good ideas!

If you would be willing to share a financial tip/trick, you may be eligible for a free registration–contact us! Baird’s professionals will also be on hand to answer “could we…” or “what would happen if…” questions.

The day will conclude with a brief Annual Membership Meeting for AEF districts. Please join us as we discuss our accomplishments from 2021 and goals for 2022.

$150/person for AEF member districts or $250/person for nonmembers. Lunch provided.
9AM on March 3, 2022 at Northcentral Technical College, Professional Conference Center in the Center for Health Science, 1000 W Campus Dr, Wausau, WI 54401

Click here to register. Please bring a check for the correct amount to the conference. We cannot offer purchase orders. Receipts will be provided with payment at the conference.

For more information, contact John Humphries, AEF Executive Director at: